Golf tip: Getting in shape for new golf season

Spring is in the air, and it's time to get your golf game in shape.

The golfer usually feels that, to improve his game, he must make sweeping changes to his swing and start all over again.

This is not true. Improving your game is easier than you would think. The true fundamental requirements of a consistent golf swing are few and attainable by anyone willing to practice.

The two major influences on the ball at impact are swing plane (the path the club takes into and beyond the ball), and the club face angle. Too often, we look at parts of the swing that have little or no effect on the plane or face angle.

For instance, many golfers worry about the length of their swing and if the club has reached parallel to the ground on the back swing. The fact is that there is not one correct length of swing. The length of swing is governed by other factors, including the golfer's flexibility.

There are many top players with backswings that reach only three-quarters of the so-called full backswing. Often the golfer is trying to do something that is not only unnecessary, but is also not possible.

Another very common area of concern for golfers is their inability to keep the left arm straight. A surprising amount of top players have a slight bend in the left arm, and those golfers who bend too much can almost always trace the problem to poor posture at the address position and an incorrect pivot motion. Incorrect posture and pivot motion renders a free swing of the hands and arms virtually impossible.

In the coming weeks, my goal is to present an easy to follow guide to the true requirements of a consistent golf swing that will help you to hit the ball further and straighter and more often!

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