Inmate walks away from forestry crew

The car thief who walked away from a work crew at Tahoe is in the Sacramento County Jail while three different government entities sort out charges against him.

Dirk Williams, 45, had just two months until his parole hearing when he walked away Feb. 23 from a forestry crew working near Round Hill at South Lake Tahoe. He was serving a 1-3 year sentence for grand larceny of a motor vehicle out of Lyon County.

Prison spokesman Glen Whorton said if Williams had been successful at his parole hearing in April, he would have been free by August.

"Sometimes there isn't a lot of logic to what these guys do," he said.

He was rearrested in Sacramento two days later.

He is still in the Sacramento County Jail while authorities decide who is going to charge him with what. He faces escape charges from the State of Nevada, grand theft auto charges from Carson City and possession of stolen property charges in Sacramento.

"Three entities will have to sort it out," said Scott Burau of the Carson Sheriffs Department. "But I imagine he'll be coming back here."


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