Leslie announces for second Assembly term

Reno Democrat Sheila Leslie has announce she will seek a second term in the Nevada Assembly representing District 27.

She is already working on legislation that would standardize the process of granting work cards to casino workers statewide. Right now, workers have to go through the permit process every time they move to another casino and have to have more than one card if they work in more than one casino.

Leslie said one of her top priorities for the 2001 Legislature will be the problems of Nevada senior citizens.

She said tobacco settlement money has given the state "a unique opportunity to expand programs to help seniors live independently and to help low income senior buy prescription drugs."

She said lawmakers must make sure those programs are effective and look for long term solutions to high costs of medicine and health care.

During her first term, she said she sponsored legislation to increase the penalty for aggravated stalking, expand peer mediation in schools to deter violence and to fund programs to combat substance abuse among juveniles.

Assembly District 27 is located in central Reno.


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