Letter: Animal Rescue

For 18 months, the Animal Rescue Foundation has been taking in dogs and cats that had been abandoned or surrendered and have found homes for them. The animals are spayed/neutered, with all shots and vaccinations - at no cost to the adopters.

With the donation of a gorilla barn by an animal lover in Reno, ARF now has a cattery. Since it was put into operation, 38 cats have been taken in and 29 have been placed in new homes. It is ARF's plan to set up three more catteries which will greatly ease the problems of abandoned and feral cats.

ARF is in need of cash donations to maintain its operation. The increase of rent, combined with the added costs of heating and cooling the cattery and vet bills, all have taken up what funds ARF has received. ARF operates totally on the donations it receives from the public. It gets no other financial assistance.

In the time that ARF has been operating, it has taken in 415 animals and has found homes for 401. Please help us to continue.


Director of Operations, ARF



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