Letter: Bypass construction

Just to thank Mary Fischer for alerting our area about the development of the land between our properties and the forthcoming bypass.

Our properties are on the south side of the work zone between Northgate and Emerson. However, we would like to be assured that before any work starts abutting our back yards that a tall fence or wall be erected to keep our privacy and most of all to protect our properties from illegal entry, burglary, theft and vandalism.

This matter should be foremost before any type of the real work is started. We know that preliminary groundwork being done now which is necessary, but when the big movers roll in we want our small pieces of property protected.

We do feel that your GROW organization will benefit all of our capital city for the enjoyment of us who live or visit our unique area. We salute you, Growers Reclaiming Our Waysides, for your efforts.


and neighbors

Carson City


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