Letter: child abuse

Joshua Brown, 22, and Davis Carpenter, 38, described as homosexual "lovers" are accused of murdering seventh-grader Jesse Dirkhising after repeatedly raping him. He suffocated when his underwear was stuffed in his mouth and his hands and feet were bound with duct tape. This brutal crime occurred in Prairie Grove, Ark. on Sept. 26. Have you heard this story of the torture death of a young boy at the hands of two homosexuals? If you haven't, it is because it is "politically incorrect" for any national news media to carry any story that would reflect unfavorably on specially protected homosexuals.

Contrast the media silence in this case with the overblown coverage of the murder of homosexual Matthew Shepard.

There will be no televised speeches by celebrities or tearful interviews of friends and family for poor little Jesse. There will be no televised candlelight vigils. No outraged congressman will call for stiffer penalties for this kind of crime. No "Committee To Protect Children From Homosexual Violence" will be formed. No one will ever describe this as a "hate crime." Indeed, David Smith, spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign homosexual lobby groups said, "This has nothing to do with gay people."


Carson City


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