Letter: Dear Postmaster, discontinue bags

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. As if our society doesn't have enough solid waste, now there will be more plastic bags filling our local landfills since you have adopted the practice of stuffing our daily mail into a colorful plastic bag.

Yes, the bags are recyclable, but the FIRST rule in conservation is to REDUCE. By delivering a printed postal bag to each residence and business in our zip code, six days per week, the USPS is setting a poor example. These pre-printed bags are another form of junk mail - just one more thing to dispose of each day.

I realize you may save a few moments each day in sorting the mail, but sometimes it is better to be a little less efficient time-wise if you end up saving natural resources. Imagine how much more imported oil will be used to produce these plastic bags WHEN and IF this experiment goes national? I vote that you discontinue this experiment and return to your former, energy-efficient approach.

No bags for U.S.!


Carson City


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