Letter: guns not the problem

At Ecclesiastes 9:5 and 10, it states that the dead are conscious of nothing at all and have nothing further to accomplish.

In some cases, that leaves a live perpetrator to answer for the crime. This is usually pretty hard for them to do as our system immediately begins to "save" them either by rehab or absolution. If the dead are dead, they have no money. The living might still have some, and that makes the saving effort worthwhile.

In the meantime, those of us who have been subjected to more and more control for our legal pursuits by corrupt governments which the "right to bear arms" was created to prevent, are blamed and forced to support not only the criminal but the system that profits from them as well.

I suppose there are those who have been falsely convicted and don't deserve punishment, but that is the fault of that same system, not the law-abiding public at large.

For those who are truly guilty, we have Ecclesiastes 8:11.

As for the juvenile participants, there is always Deuteronomy 21:20-21, but this requires parental responsibility.


Carson City


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