Letter: Loux should be supported

This letter is in response to Sen. Harry Reid's recent statement that Bob Loux, the Executive Director of the Agency for Nuclear Projects, should be removed from office because "the Republican majority doesn't like him." I didn't realize, Senator Reid, that you had changed parties or that you had changed the state you represent.

The majority of the citizens of Nevada, as well as past and current state leadership, have long opposed the siting of a repository at Yucca Mountain.

For the leading Democrat from the State of Nevada to make such a statement does nothing but make one believe that you are more interested in keeping the "Republican majority" happy than representing the wishes of your constituents.

Mr. Loux has been and, your remarks aside, will continue to be a strong, vocal and an effective adversary of the nuclear industry interests in their attempt to dump their waste in our state. It is because of Mr. Loux' adversarial response to the Yucca Mountain project that certain members of the ranking Republican majority dislike him and these same members have successfully and repeatedly cut funding for the agency.

You should be ashamed, Senator Reid. It is part of public law that Congress fund the Agency for Nuclear Waste Fund. This is the law, not an option, although those certain members of the ranking Republican majority, backed by the nuclear industry, would have it otherwise. It is amazing to me that someone in your supposedly powerful position would not be able to secure reasonable funding under the law for the agency. Perhaps it is that you are not as effective at your job as Mr. Loux is at his. By the way, Senator Reid, when are you up for reelection?




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