Letter: Minority wants all to pay for price of path

We seem to have a vocal minority of people wanting the taxpayers to pay for a bike lane along the new bypass. No funding has been made available. Carson City just raised taxes to meet what the supervisors said was needed to fulfill the City's needs (wants).

400 people signed petitions for the bike trail. How many signed more than once? How many do not live in Carson City? Have these names been verified as is required with petitions to be voted on? Who is going to pay for the bike lanes?

$3.5 million is a lot of money for 400 people to ride bikes. 400 people out of 50,000 is 0.8% of the population of Carson City. This is hardly a mandate for bike trails. The cost would be $8,750 per person signing the petition. Do they want to pay it?

If I owned a bicycle shop, I would also be promoting a bike trail.


Carson City


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