Letter: Nuke waste foes won't be swayed by article

An open letter to the Department of Energy regarding the March 17 article in the Nevada Appeal.

It's interesting to note the psychological impact of the huge headline which read, "Tennessee sending nuke waste to Nevada test site."

Clayton Gist of the DOE Waste Management Department, your shipping low level nuclear waste from one DOE facility to another DOE facility has absolutely nothing to do with high level nuclear hazardous waste, so you can stop "dancing."

I can see the hands of Congress, the nuclear industry and the Nuclear Energy Institute, one of the biggest lobbying arms in the world at work here. They continuously push bills like S108 and S1287 because they are worried. Yucca Mountain with all of its scientific problems cannot possibly pass and they know it.

That article won't make me, and I believe the atomic veterans who went in to clean up the mess created after the atomic bombs and those individuals throughout the country who have been deeply affected by radiation exposure, fold up their tents and quietly slip away.


Carson City


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