Letter: Obituary of Hal Rogers

The November 24 edition of the Appeal carried an article and obituary about the

natural passing of Hal Rogers, noting in particular that Hal was a soft-spoken man. Both Hal,and those who contributed to the article, were very modest about him. Thirteen years ago I met,worked with, and came to know Hal as both of us worked on the nuclear waste issue and hadserved in the U.S. Marine Corps. On both counts I had and continue to have, great amounts of respect for Hal.

After a year or so of working together, Hal and I separated and parted ways regarding thenuclear waste issue. Subsequently we became friendly adversaries in that regard, but neither of us lost respect and admiration of the other because of having once been, and forever remaining, brothers in blood. Opinions on other matters never overcame that bond.

I salute Hal, as we all should, for having been a man who served his country in deep combat, having suffered wounds in doing so, and a man who forever held to his moral convictions. There are many like Hal who are still among us today, having never been especially honored for having done their duty to our nation on military and other moral causes. I know Hal's story, as I do the stories of so many others in that regard.

Such servants of their country,and honorable persons in every respect, remain modest about their service, and we should all respect that while at the same time respecting what we may not know about other persons such as Hal Rogers.

In this season of thankfulness, we must be appreciative of them all, known and unknown alike

Charlie Malone

Carson City


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