Letter: please be more polite

This is in response to the person who called my home complaining about me honking my horn in the morning when I pick up two children on Slide Mountain Drive.

1. I do not need to lose weight.

2. I'm not lazy. I happen to get up early in the morning and work seven hours, come home and make dinner for my family and help my kids with homework.

3. I'm not a psychic who knows who works the graveyard shift and sleeps during the day.

4. You don't have to be rude and insulting. When you called, you should simply have asked me politely to stop honking the horn in the morning because you are asleep when I do that.

I have been picking up these kids since the beginning of the school year. Why did you wait until now to let me know of this? By the way, how did you get my phone number? Since you have me at a disadvantage, I had no choice but to write to the newspaper.

I really think that if people were more polite, things would be better in this world. So, following my own advice, I would like to apologize for upsetting you by waking you up in the mornings. It will not happen again. Next time something that upsets you happens to you, try not to be so insulting and rude.


Carson City


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