Letter: prom issue

I am currently a senior at Carson High School and I am writing about the prom issue.

Although I currently go out with a senior, some of my friends go out with kids that do not attend our school. I personally feel that we should be able to take whomever we want (within reason, of course) to the prom. This is one of the most important events in our high school years, why aren't we allowed our choice?

My friends have two alternatives - either stay home or go with someone they don't particularly like.

At the last school board meeting, I believe that it was Mr. Walker, our acting principal, who said that our gym could only fit 440 students. Forty

tables would be set up, with 10 students at each table. Why can't there be fewer tables and more chairs, in order to accommodate more students, and satisfy the fire code?


Carson City


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