Letter: prom restricted

My name is Araceli Madera, and I am a senior currently attending Carson High School. I am writing this letter in concern for the new rule being placed upon us, the student body, restricting us from choosing a date outside of Carson High to take to our prom.

I have been attending the school board meetings in hopes that some sort of action would be taken; however, it is sad to realize that being a student makes it almost impossible to be heard. I strongly feel that seniors attending the prom should be allowed to choose their own date.

The prom is a very expensive event, and it is hard to accept the fact that they are restricting us on this decision. Students have been attending school board meetings since the begining of November. I am ashamed to say that we still have not been placed on the agenda!

I attended the last school board meeting on Jan. 25. At the school board meeting prior to this one we were told that the issue would be placed on the agenda, yet we were nowhere to be found in the agenda.


Carson City


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