Letter: senior income

The lady who once joyfully laughed as she sat in her wicker chair, garmented in white frills, bows adorning her upswept hair, now lies weakly in her suffering state: oxygen tubes to her nostrils, the bubbles of the oxygen machine keeping a rhythmic sound of bubbling life.

Bandages cover her stomach; a catheter keeps her system flowing comfortable for her body. She grimaces in pain, and words come to her mind, yet cannot find their way to her lips. Her right arm cannot move, yet finds solace resting upon a pillow. Her fingers that once wrote letters of love, lay lifeless by her side.

Her eyes have no expression in them, yet at times realization comes into her eyes, showing fear of the unknown or the eventual. She finds peace in her sleep and the warm, caring hand, held in hers, of one who cares.

Then evil enters into a place where there is already more suffering than one can bear. I am told that the husband will be homeless after he ends up paying for all the bills. Come on, people!

Some of our seniors have a limited income and their income is not going to improve by very much. Don't people realize that without our elderly, we would not be here on earth! We owe our livelihood to our elderly, also our wisdom: for we can learn so much from their experiences. I can promise you who do abuse our elderly that guaranteed, you will one day pay, in some way, for your evil selfishness.

Please, love our elderly, our children, and yourselves, for what can be more important than God and his people?


Carson City


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