Letter: Sturges letter on Rocker

I would like to comment on Marilyn Sturges' letter to the editor, Feb. 9 issue.

Subject Rocker. She was right on on every count. It is only free speech when it is politically correct, and I would like to know who decides that. As they like to say in politics, it depends on whose ox is being gored.

I would like to repeat what Marilyn said about the dopers, rapists, abusers, etc. in the sports world. To my knowledge, none have received the penalty, the abuse from the national news, as if he were a monster or worse.

There is only one thing she left out, and I might get a lot of flack from this, but I will say it anyway. John Rocker is a white male. How about that? Marilyn did say, and I repeat, "Just to flame the fires of hatred and bigotry." And let us not forget the word "racism." So there you have it.


Carson City


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