Letter: supporting a phony politician

In regard to Congressman Gibbons' article of Feb. 6 supporting a Congressional Gold Medal for ex-president Reagan; it is certainly no surprise that one fraud and phony supports another fraud and phony.

Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party caused the most severe economic depression in this country since the Great Depression of the 1930s by shipping American jobs overseas. The only "economic growth" during this era was $5 trillion worth of deficit spending, primarily to line pockets of munitions manufacturers; i.e., Republicans.

Elected to diminish government, the Reagan administration increased the power and scope of the federal government and its intrusion into states' rights and into private lives of citizens.

The evil Rasputin behind the throne was his wife, Nancy, who created a Drug Czar to make war on our civil liberties, not drugs. She regularly consulted astrologers and most probably dabbled in black magic herself.

Congressman Gibbons, as state assemblyman, wanted no part of the tax limitation ballot measure circulated by the Libertarian Party and Independent American Party several years ago until it passed. Then it was "his" tax initiative. Of course it didn't work; the state government raises taxes at will.

His phony war record in Operation Desert Shame would bear scrutiny as well. According to an officer in his own National Guard unit, Gibbons wasn't required to go but insisted. His Gulf War service consisted of flying a desk which he used to put himself in for every medal and recommendation possible.

Yes, it is fitting one phony supports the idea of a medal for another phony. It would be more fitting to make Reagan's medal from lead than from gold; better yet - make it a plugged nickel.


Silver City


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