Letter: Tripp

The propagandists of the far left are now conducting a slime campaign against the only truthful and honorable person in the Monica Lewinsky affair. Linda Tripp did what she had to do to protect herself as she was in fear of her life, and with good reason.

Anyone who has seen the long list of deaths of Clinton enemies and political liabilities who died under mysterious and suspicious circumstances knows there is a "death squad" operating to protect Clinton's political fortunes. Linda found this list at her desk as a warning.

She had been called a liar by Clinton's scum-sucking lawyer Bob Bennett when she testified to seeing a disheveled Kathleen Wiley emerge from the Oval Office. She knew of the strange activities around the White House at the time of Vince Foster's "suicide" and the murder of Jerry Parks. She knew of the sale of tainted Arkansas prisoner blood. She knew she was a woman who knew too much. There was every reason for her to believe she was a candidate for "Arkancide."


Carson City


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