Martillaro denied parole

Former Carson City lawyer Henry C. Martillaro will have to serve out his prison sentence for stealing money from a client.

Martillaro, son of the late Carl Martillaro - a well-known defense lawyer - pleaded guilty in 1996 to making off with nearly $10,000 from one of his clients. He appeared before the parole board earlier this month seeking release but was denied.

That means he will have to serve the rest of his five-year sentence for theft and will be released in March 2001.

Martillaro was originally charged with embezzlement and forgery. He was suspended from practice by the Supreme Court in 1994. During hearings on his license, he told a bar association review panel he had a substance abuse problem.

While on bail awaiting trial, he disappeared in the spring of 1995. When he was captured in June 1996 during a routine traffic stop, he was working as a waiter at an East Los Angeles restaurant.

He was returned to Carson City and again released after entering the plea to theft. Again, he failed to appear for sentencing. When he showed up a week late, he was sent to jail until he was formally sentenced to prison.


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