Millenium Countdown: 1911

89 days to the millennium - 89 years ago - Tuesday, Sept. 5, 1911

Paper: Carson City Daily Appeal, published each evening Sunday's excepted

Lessee and manager: James T. Green

Office: Second Street across from the Capitol

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Telephone: main 315


Falls Victim to thieves

S.W. Bends of Coal City, Ala., has a justifiable grievance. Two thieves stole his health for twelve years. They were liver and kidney trouble. Then Dr. King's New Life Pills throttled them. He's well now. Unrivaled for constipation, Malaria, Headache, Dyspepcia. 25c at J.A.

In September 1911, 38 years before, Carson-Tahoe Hospital opened Gov. Tasker L. Oddie had to travel to Reno for his appendicitis.

The Sept. 5, 1911 Carson City Daily Appeal reports he is doing well. Under the headline, "Governor Oddie Submits to Operation, Patient Rests Easy After Ordeal in Reno Hospital" the Appeal wrote: Governor T.L. Oddie submitted to an operation for appendicitis in Reno Sunday, the operation being performed at the Sister's Hospital. The operation in every way has proven successful and no serious complications are to be feared.

For some months Governor Oddie has realized that he would have to submit to the operations, as he has been troubled with appendicitis at intervals for the past year.

Some week ago he departed for the coast hoping to have the operation performed. On account of the State financial troubles he put the ordeal off. He quietly made arrangements for the operation and went under the knife Sunday afternoon.

A bulletin issued yesterday from the hospital stated that the patient was resting as comfortably as possible and that it would be at least two week before he would be moved from the hospital. Word from the bedside to-day is to the effect that he is more than holding his own and that no trouble was evident as his temperature was normal and the wound is healthy. Everyone hopes for his speedy recovery.

Oddie, a Republican, served as governor from 1911-1915. He lost his 1914 election bid to Emmett D. Boyle, a Democrat who served until 1923.

The Appeal also reported on the sentencing of a wife beater.

"Wife Beater Gets a Dose"

A wife beater known as George Vuk, of Ely, has been sentenced four months in the county jail for his armstrong maneuvers. Aside from the sentence the judge gave him a dressing down that made the section ring.

There are reports of several wife beaters in this city. The wives of brutal husbands can get redress in the courts but so long as they do not complain it is private business and no one else is at liberty to "butt in."

Labor day was being celebrated on the Comstock, but attendance was unusually low as the circus was in Reno.

Labor Day at Virginia"

Those who spent yesterday on the Comstock report a good time in spite of the high wind which to a certain degree interfered with the fun that was billed. The Comstockers had made preparations for a larger crowd but gave all who attended a merry day.

The circus in Reno was the attraction and many who would have spent Labor Day on the Comstock took themselves to the tented ground in Reno. Even Virginia City furnished its quota of circus lovers, as was noted on the down-coming train yesterday morning. The consequence was that Reno failed to respond.

It is hard to buck a circus as was shown yesterday. Had the circus been billed for the Comstock the old place would have had its hands full with the people. A few of Carson's people are resting up from the strenuous efforts of taking in both places in one day.

The Appeal was full of tragedy today reporting on a fire in the Giroux mine, the near miss of Jake Ruedy who nearly took off his fingers with a saw at the Orphan's Home and of another man who broke his leg in a fall.

Under the headline "Close Call for Fingers: the Appeal wrote: While working at the wood saw at the Orphans Home this morning, Jake Ruedy had the misfortune to badly injure three of his fingers. They came in contact with the saw and through some fortunate movement on his part he manageed to escape without the loss of all three members. Al that his is carrying his hand in bandages. The middle finger was severely cut. It was a close call.


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