Pay utility bills without a check or stamp

For people who find check-writing a tedious task, "Auto Pay" for water and sewer utility payments may be the answer.

The Carson City Treasurer's Office is rolling out a new program that will allow residents to pay their city utility bills without writing a check or licking a stamp. Auto Pay allows monthly sewer and water bills to be deducted from individual checking account.s

Chief Deputy Treasurer Merlene Alt said for years customers have requested an easy way to pay their bills.

Treasurer Al Kramer said the new system is "just one more option."

"Over the years, half the people who've been vocal about this are those that go on vacation and have wanted some automatic way for their bills to be paid," Kramer said. "You don't have to worry about bills not being paid. It's one more check you don't have to write."

Kramer said when Sierra Pacific Power Co. began accepting direct payments, about 11 percent of its accounts switched to the program.

"If there's that much of a demand (with one utility), there must be a lot of people in Carson City who want this service to," he said.

Those who choose Auto Pay will receive bills printed with how much they owe and on what day the payment will be taken from their account.

The direct-payment option will be noticed in next week's utility bills, but applications are available now at City Hall, 201 N. Carson St. or the Utility Department, 3505 Butti Way. Call 887-2092 ext. 1505 for information. A voided check or deposit slip and utility account number are also necessary.

Call 887-2092 ext. 1505 for information on having your sewer and water bills paid directly from your checking account.


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