Prom issue resolved smoothly

Perhaps the theme for the 2000 Carson High School prom can be "Smooth."

Because that's how the controversy over allowing outsiders to attend as prom dates turned out.

With students, parents, Vice Principal Harvie Walker and School Board member Stacie Wilke working out the details, a compromise was reached that will give the school some measure of the security it was seeking, while still allowing seniors to bring the prom dates they want.

They set a limit of 70 non-CHS students, which they figure will be plenty at a prom that will attract a total of 440.

They'll have to fill out an application and undergo a "background check" if needed. They can't be older than 20, and they must be a Nevada student, either in high school or college.

These are all reasonable restrictions that neither the students nor school administration found troublesome.

"It was a relatively painless process," said Walker. "I couldn't be prouder of these kids."

Student Ryan Costella, one of those who led the charge after they were told no outsiders would be allowed at the prom, also had words of praise for Walker. "He's awesome," Ryan said.

We have to echo those sentiments on both sides. When they finally put their minds to it, they were able to solve the problem to the apparent satisfaction of all.

The students are to be congratulated for tackling the issue and putting together proposals that satisfied concerns in the post-Columbine age of safety in the schools. It was important to them, and they took action.

Walker showed himself to be flexible enough to listen to the students' suggestions and figure out a way to implement them, a commendable ability in an administrator.

And while we were critical of the School Board for taking so long to hear the students, and then doing little more than sending the problem back to a committee, it turned out well in the end.



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