Protecting Black Rock won't open it more

I would like to address my remarks to Sen. Bryan after reading his remarks on his bill to close 600,000 ares in the Black Rock Desert, in the Thursday issue of the Nevada Appeal. A man with his stature, senator of the United States, to utter such nonsense such as "protecting this area for future generations."

If you think about it, how can future generations enjoy this land if it is locked up - makes no sense. It is an old cliche the environmentalists thought up when they first started this movement years ago.

Sen. Bryan also said he is considering, "How much wilderness should be established across an additional one million acres in northwest Nevada under the Bureau of Land Management." So another million acres in addition to the 600,000 acres. It is probably already a done deal. Do you know what a wilderness area means? It means no vehicles, none whatsoever, no roads, none whatsoever. That is their definition of a Wilderness Area. So how can Sen. Bryan say that his bill "would not restrict hunting or fishing, that livestock grazing would continue and that off-road vehicles would be allowed in most areas where they don't threaten historic trails." Now you can take those statements with a grain of salt.

And Rep. Gibbons can't make up his mind as to which way he will decide. So what is his problem? I think he needs a lesson in history. You might add Governor Guinn's name to this list.


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