Ranchos residents: Next request, a tower

Hey, Gardnerville Ranchos - Let's wake up! On CVI's slots in the vacant Gorman grocery store and now an 80 foot communication tower in the Ranchos. We need neither of these.

Now we have a new one. Everybody wants to make a fast buck. This is a tower proposed by the "poor" AT&T company right in the center of the Ranchos, an 80-foot tower that we see every time we look at our beautiful Sierra mountains.

We like our residential area. It is one of the best in Nevada. Let's enjoy our life here without slots and towers 80 feet tall. Stop AT&T from coming in here. Do it now before the planning commission meets. We do not have much more time. Where I came from, a tower like this had to be one mile from a residential area. Let's get tough and start moving. We need a grocery store, not this mess.


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