Return to the spirit of the Constitution

In response to some writers regarding old codgers and to freedoms in general, this article is being penned.

If it were not for old codgers - our founding fathers and all veterans who fought and died in action - we would not have our freedoms. It is time for people to wake up and smell the coffee. It is time to put a stop to those who would dilute, hack away and overall strip us of our freedoms.

No more gun laws, no more restrictions on freedom of speech, no more unconstitutional laws and overall adherence to the Constitution of the United States is needed. Stop the freedom robbers before it is too late. Repeal all laws that extend the federal government's power and repeal all laws that violate the 10th Amendment. The federal government is subservient to the state governments. Governors and elected representatives of the states return the power to the states.

People, vote against anyone who is not willing to return to the spirit and restrictions of the U.S. Constitution. Elected representatives, get rid of the ego trip and take your proper place in society and realize that you only serve the people. Supreme court, get out of the business of interfering with the constitution and support it. The federal government should control currency, the military and the post office for uniformity purposes. Pattern yourself after Switzerland.

One last thought regarding guns. Anyone should be able to purchase and carry arms - again look at Switzerland. The fewer the gun controls, the less the violence. The more the gun controls, the more the violence. Schools in Israel have no problems. All teachers and teachers aides carry weapons. They are instructed in their use and are told shoot to kill. Schools are safe. Sure psychotic killers are going to have guns, but they do anyway. Sure, criminals are going to have guns, but they do it anyway. More restrictions mean that the psychotics and the criminals are just going to violate more laws and the freedoms of the law abiding citizen are further restricted. Prevent government takeover such as happened by Nazi Germany and other power hungry governments throughout history. Read your history books. Do not repeat the mistakes of history.


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