Sentencing for armed robber delayed

The sentencing of a person who admitted he tried to rob a man at knifepoint has been delayed pending clarification of his prior arrest record.

A Department of Parole and Probation report on Michael Ray showed a juvenile criminal past filled with convictions on several misdemeanor batteries, an alleged theft and an alleged purse theft. On Tuesday his lawyer, Public Defender Steve McGuire, said Ray denies the thefts.

McGuire told Judge Michael Fondi that when he inquired to the department about the sources for the alleged convictions, it was not able to provide proof he had been previously convicted.

"We submit that this entire report is tainted by this false information," he said.

Deputy District Attorney Jason Woodbury made no objection to a two-week delay. Ray, 18, pleaded guilty to attempted robbery on May 4. He has already been in jail for 92 days.

Ray was arrested after an altercation with 63-year-old Roger DiMarzo March 14 in the parking lot of the Carson Nugget. DiMarzo testified in a March preliminary hearing that Ray pulled the knife and demanded money as he was getting into his car.

"He had a sawtooth knife at his right hip that he was holding up," DiMarzo testified. "I threw a combat punch that connected and he buckled. Then he turned and ran like hell."

A patrolling deputy spotted Ray in the parking lot of the Hardman House and arrested him at gunpoint. Ray reportedly admitted the incident, but said it was a prank.

A knife was found near the motel.


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