Storey District to review exchange process

VIRGINIA CITY - Forty-five minutes on a bus from Lockwood to Storey County junior high and high schools is a long ride, so officials will look at sending students to Washoe County schools.

"This is all very preliminary," said Superintendent Robert Scott. "The board has asked me to look into it, and I still haven't talked with Washoe officials to see if it's possible."

The Storey County School District is reviewing the possibilities of sending some children from the Lockwood area to Reno to attend classes. The proposal will be discussed Wednesday night at the trustees' meeting to be held in multipurpose room of the Hillside Elementary School, in Lockwood.

Districts across the state have exchange policies for students who wish to attend a school outside the district. Students must fill out a variance to be accepted in that district.

"It would be probably a better option for the parents," he said.

Travel time for middle school and high school students in the Lockwood area is about an hour and a half daily.

"That time would be cut in half if they could go to Reno."

Scott stressed that this is all in the preliminary discussions. He said he was not sure if fees would be required.

"It would not only affect Hillside Elementary students, but also the seventh through 12th grades who are bused from that area to Virginia City to attend school there," he said.

School board members asked Scott to put the issue on the agenda.


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