Sushi and Teri offers all you can eat

Kim Lee's Sushi and Teri, which pioneered the sushi bar experience in Reno, now offers its all-you-can-eat menu in Carson City.

Sushi and Teri also serves a full line of teriyaki and tempura dishes with everything freshly made in its own kitchen. The restaurant is in the Crossroads Center, 316 East Winnie Lane.

A unique portable sushi bar is the centerpiece of Sushi and Teri's catering service, which can bring the restaurant's offerings right to local events. The catering choices also include "sushi boats," teak service bars 2- to 7-feet long that are filled with customer-selected items and delivered to social or business events.

While many people assume that sushi is raw fish, the majority of items offered in a sushi bar are either cooked or cured. The word sushi actually refers to vinegared rice, just one of the components of a menu that includes vegetables and sauces as well as fresh seafood, either cooked, cured or raw.

Kim Lee Young and Tony Pastini opened Sushi and Teri in Reno's Smithridge Plaza in 1989, introducing to Northern Nevada the concept of all-you-can-eat sushi for a set price. The idea was copied in the area throughout the years, Pastini said, but the Sushi and Teri staff continued to develop unique creations for the restaurant's customers. The menu now fills three long pages.

The Carson Sushi and Teri is operated by general manager Ernesto Trujillo, and opened Jan. 3.

All fish is received fresh on ice and prepared right in the restaurant's kitchen.

Neither sushi nor the restaurant's other offerings are "fast food." Items are prepared after being selected from the menu. Part of the attraction of the sushi bar is watching the artistic preparation of a meal once it has been ordered.

Sushi and Teri promotes that experience by allowing the patrons to sit in the privacy of their own booth and still enjoy the all-you-can-eat special.

Sushi and Teri is open 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays and is available for private parties after hours or on Sunday and Monday. Reservations are highly suggested. For information, call at 883-2372.


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