Theft suspects being linked to stolen property

A Carson man and woman arrested Monday for suspicion of possession of stolen computers will likely face several felonies when prosecutors file charges.

Christopher Lee Campbell, 25, and Stacey Campbell, 26, were booked on charges of burglary and possession of stolen property. Now investigators are trying to connect them to 17 thefts of computer hardware valued at $22,000.

"We are in the process of notifying the victims so they can come down and identify their stolen property," said Chief Sheriff's Deputy Scott Burau. "From the property that we've looked at so far, we've linked about 10 cases to these individuals."

Burau said the inventory of computers and computer-related equipment is not all easily identifiable. Some pieces had been disassembled apparently to be sold as different computers at a later time, he added.

Investigators have not been able to obtain information as to where and how the reconstructed computers and peripheral devices would be sold. "Needless to say, they aren't being cooperative," he said. "When they see the seriousness of the charges, maybe they will come around.

"Right now our interest is in recovering the rest of the material."

The Campbells were arrested Monday after the department served two search warrants. The warrants, which authorized search of a home they were moving out of and one that they were moving into, were the result of an anonymous tip.

Burau speculated that a disgruntled associate of the Campbells may have identified them. "This person may have been slighted," Burau said, referring to the tipster. "This may have been a vendetta phone call."

The department had difficulty tracking the Campbells because they did not appear to be "big players" in the criminal community of Carson City, Burau said. Campbell maintained a job as a welder while his wife was unemployed.

Burau also noted the potential difficulty of finding attorneys to represent the pair in Carson City. They are accused of robbing several area lawyers and the Nevada Public Defender's Office.

As many as 20 cases will be declared solved as a result of these arrests, Burau said.

The Campbells were also charged with felony methamphetamine possession.


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