Time to meet 'Plungerman' and 'Angel Woman', part of a new comedy group

It is a capital idea - the "A Capital Idea."

That's the name of a brand new comedy troupe in the making, and today we'll visit with two members of that group, plus talk a little with the founder. We'll also tell you how to join them in their fun and laughter.

First, we'll meet "Plungerman," who is Ron Calkins. Also known as "The Masked Plumber," he's 33 years old and was born in Kaukauna, Wis.

"My family moved to the Bay Area when I was 6 months old and I grew up there," said Ron. "My dad Larry worked for Pan Am as a flight simulator engineer. He built flight simulators for pilots to train on before they went up. Mom (Patti) and Dad moved to Minden seven years ago and I came to Carson City last May."

His parents both work in Carson City as does Ron.

"Dad owns and operates Capitol Automotive on North Plaza Street and Mom is a preschool teacher in Carson City," said Ron. "I work at Capitol Automotive too. I'm the service manager."

Just the man I want to see. How about taking a look at my jalopy?

Ron just laughed as he said, "Don't ask me to fix your car ... I'm not a mechanic. Dad is."

Oh, well, no harm in asking. Anyway, it was time to talk about Plungerman and the group.

"I heard about the group after seeing a notice on the Carson Access Television bulletin board, decided to join and I am known as, and am, Plungerman," he said. "I've been Plungerman for four years. I started it in the Bay Area. It began when I went to a Halloween party as Plungerman. He's my invention and I like being him. It's a lot of fun!"

Where'd you get the costume?

"I made it myself," he replied as he put it on. "It's a low-budget costume. The costume is a plunger cap with a roll of toilet paper on it, plus more stuff, and it has a long cape, a toilet bowl brush and I add things to it as needed."

What does Plungerman actually do?

"As Plungerman, I fight crime against toilets," he laughed. "I will - and do - perform in skits at local functions like private parties and things like that. I like being Plungerman and have fun performing as him."

The whole group is still in the process of putting together material for local performances.

"We're a group of talented people who are forming now to do comedy and entertainment," added Ron. "We're working on our material and the group is open to new members, suggestions and receiving invites to perform for local groups and organizations."


Sue Hecht is also known as "Angel Woman" and she is a part of A Capital Idea. Sue is 50 and was born in New York City. She moved from the Big Apple to Los Angeles when she was 19.

"I like the ocean, love the beach and the warm weather," said Sue. "I hated the cold weather of New York."

Sue moved to Las Vegas in 1992 where she worked as a writer and did "some publicity" while there, as well as co-writing seminars before moving to Carson City a year ago.

"I had come here a few times to visit my girlfriend Sue Parkhurst, who lives in Minden, and on one trip I decided to stay," said Sue with a smile. "I work here as a publicist on a contract basis for professional people."

In Las Vegas, Sue was a member of an improv group (25 people) she joined "to have fun," and she did.

"I did perform in comedy skits a few times, but I'm more of an actress and storyteller than a stand-up comedian," she said. "When I perform as Angel Woman I put my wings on and tell stories and entertain. I do storytelling at the Children's Museum and at other places and functions in town."

She heard about the group the same way Ron did, by seeing a notice about it on TV.

"I called, went to a meeting, liked it and joined the group," added Sue. "I plan to write material, perform in skits and do some publicity for them. We plan to perform in the near future, but we have no set date or place just yet."


Back on the first Sunday in November, we visited with Diana Milasky-Polhamus and she was just starting the group back then. If you think you are funny and/or can write comedy or contribute to A Capital Idea, Diana wants you to attend a meeting.

"Our next meeting is on President's Day and anyone interested in attending is welcome," said Diana. "We meet every Monday from 7 to 9 p.m. There is no charge and the public is welcome. Don't be bashful ... Call me at 884-1440 and I'll give you all the information you need."

Diana did note that refreshments will be served at the meeting and anyone interested in booking the group can call her at that same number.

-- If you go to a meeting, you'll meet many local folks who have joined. You may even know some of them as they are neighbors and friends and, most important, funny people.

One of the group is Hannah "Hot Flash" Monahan, who is also known as the "Queen of Klutz" plus many other "funny people," including Plungerman and Angel Woman and about a dozen others. Sounds like a fun way to spend a Monday evening even if you don't join the group.

ALAN ROGERS is a Nevada Appeal columnist. His message phone is 887-2430, ext. 402.


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