TRPA hears update on affordable housing

After the realization last year that Douglas County under current regulations can never provide enough affordable housing at Lake Tahoe to meet demand, a series of meetings have been held to address the problem.

The board of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is scheduled to hear an update Wednesday on the progress of those meetings.

"I think the meetings went well and a lot of information was put out for discussion," said Mimi Moss, Douglas County planning and economic development manager.

TRPA staff last year inventoried all multi-family residential development potential in the Tahoe basin portion of Douglas County and found that available sites for affordable housing are limited. In fact, room for multi-family development - not necessarily for affordable housing - is becoming scarce.

In Douglas County, TRPA found there are only about 10 parcels of land where multi-family housing, such as income-restricted apartments, could be built. And many of those parcels couldn't be used under existing rules.

Workshop participants are addressing whether TRPA should allow multi-family residences to be built in areas where they can't be now.

The League to Save Lake Tahoe has long opposed amending the boundaries, saying that limiting development is one of the most important things the agency does to protect Tahoe.


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