Your two cents: Jarbridge

Jarbridge is a sterling example of bureaucratic arrogance and hypocrisy. The residents have a right to have access to their homes. For 100 years this road has been in use with no objections from the feds. This means they have given up their ownership if they, in fact, owned it. Humans are more important than fish.

Tony, Carson City

No, the feds should not interfere at Jarbridge.

Linda, Carson City

Definitely not. We don't want the feds getting involved in anything.

Dick, Minden

Keep the feds out of there.

Bill, Gardnerville

I don't think it's appropriate for any elected official to knowingly violate a law whether its state, federal or a county ordinance. I think if he wants to conduct a peaceful protest he can do that. Constructing a road is not a peaceful protest, its a violation of the law. He has no right to make that decision on his own. and 1,000 people do not constitute a majority in this state or even in Elko.

Jerry, Carson City

I definitely feel the feds should stay out of the Jarbridge thing. The forest service has screwed it up already, and the bull trout is not extinct.

Frank, Carson City

We have an elected official who is prepared to incite violence. He has created a potentially violent situation up there. I think we have enough violence in this country without elected officials inciting violence. I think he is absolutely wrong, and he should be censured for this.

Jerry, Carson City

I say congratulations to the people of Elko County and John Carpenter for finally drawing the line and rebelling against the huge bureaucracy we've created. The feds and other bureaucrats should pay attention to this demonstration of the spirit of Nevada, and yes, they should not interfere with their own actions and back off. Less government and bureaucracy is the best for Nevada.

Larry, Carson City

The federal government is being given the message we are tired of them interfering in local and personal matters. There is no such thing as public land any more, it's all federal government land. I say right on to the people of the Elko area for taking a stand, and John Carpenter should run for president.

Debbi, Carson City

I think the feds should leave the damn roads open and they should quit closing roads all over our darn state. The feds should leave the roads alone.

Vaughn, Yerington

All I can say is let's keep these roads open and keep the government out of our back door.

Ed, Yerington

Let's keep these Nevada roads open. Don't be ridiculous.

Dave, Yerington

I fully support John Carpenter and his people opening up this road, and I doubt if there's going to be quite the revolt or confrontation the paper is making this up to be. I think they're using fear tactics. So yea, John.

Cindra, Washoe Valley


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