Your two cents: Senior Center question

The day that you please all of the people all of the time is the day that Hell will freeze over. Some of these seniors have never had a life why should they get one now. The seniors needs and concerns are of the utmost concern of the staff members at the center. Some of them will never know how much. Have a nice day. Thank you.

Raymond in Carson City

I think what seniors really need in the Carson area is bus service. My mother is 79 and she doesn't drive any more and she's stuck a lot of the time.

Susan in Minden

With the larger female than male population in Carson City, why an all-male Carson City Senior Citizens Center Governing Board?

Don in Carson City

The small group of seniors who complained represent the concerns of hundreds of seniors using the center. I suggest the staff and volunteer listen to concerns of all seniors using the center, instead of ignoring them. This would have avoided the notoriety and controversy that now exist.

Tony in Carson City

It was educational to read in the newspaper

Pat in Carson City

In regards to the senior center results of the complaints, I think the governing board, and, I agree with everything they have done and think they have done a tremendous job.

Dottie in Carson City


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