Role of pivot motion in forward swing

The role of the pivot motion for the forward swing is to position the body in such a way that the hands and arms are free to make an unencumbered swing into and beyond the ball.

The pivot motion for the back swing is a 90-degree rotation of the shoulders and chest around the right thigh. The hips respond and turn about half as much. This is significant in that as we make the transition to the forward swing the hips are now leading the way. The shoulders should not catch up to the hips until after the ball is well gone.

The forward swing is initiated by the left knee. It moves laterally to a point above the left foot. This motion also rotates the hips slightly. At this point the shoulders have had little movement. From this initiation the hips and shoulders rotate in a synchronized fashion around the pivot point of the left heel. To enable the hips to rotate freely the right knee must move laterally to a point alongside the left knee. The right heel is now

above the toe.

A great drill to develop this motion is to hold a club across the line of the shoulders and a club across the line of the hips. Make the back swing and recognize the difference between the hip and shoulder turn. Initiate the forward swing with the left knee and maintain the relationship between the hips and shoulders. From this point rotate the body over the front foot recognizing that the hips have led the way and the shoulders have caught up

at the finish position.

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