County runs into deficit caring for indigent seniors

Carson City supervisors declared the health of poor, indigent and incompetent residents was in jeopardy Thursday and allocated emergency funds to pay for their care.

The action, taken by the Board of Supervisors at its regular meeting, will cover a $160,812 deficit the city's Environmental Health Division is facing in paying for the care of residents who can't pay for themselves.

Although taking money from the city's general fund is manageable this year, Mayor Ray Masayko and other supervisors said they hope a long-term solution will be found.

"The county has an obligation to take care of truly indigent seniors," said Supervisor Richard Staub. "But this is a national problem that needs to be taken care of by Congress."

Kathy Wolfe, coordinator of the Carson City aid program, said she is working with a task force to find a long-term solution to pay for the care.

Carson City has 51 patients in long-term rest homes, which is a steady number, she said.

Supervisors said Carson City is one of the leaders in the state with the highest per-capita rate of indigent-care patients.


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