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120 Years Ago

YESTERDAY steamer Meteor attempted to run on (its) underwater tracks at Glenbrook, for accommodation of the steamer. The water was too low and Tom Moreland, the engineer said he was going to lift the steamer on the tracks. He fastened a full molasses barrel of water under the brow and pumped out the water. With a lift of six inches, it lifted it right on the track.

100 Years Ago

VIRGINIA restaurant proprietors are making a movement to raise the price of board after Dec. 1. So long as their is no advance in the retail price of whiskey a large contingent of Comstockers will stand the raise, but the wolf's long howl on Ounalaska's shore if there is an advance in retail price of rye. Report.

70 Years Ago

MRS. Lillian DeJarlis, dies at the home of her grandson, Lovel Bath. She came to Carson 27 years ago with her husband the late F.X. DeJarlis and ran the Carson Exchange Hotel. She remained with her daughter Mrs. Mary A. Bath who died in 1924. She was a native of Placerville.

50 Years Ago

HOLIDAY wedding Nov. 22 for Marie Aurelie Laxalt and Louis Michael Bini at St. Teresa's. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dominique Laxalt. (Headline says Nov. 23.)

20 Years Ago

MAYOR Harold Jacobsen suggested two potential sites for the proposed convention center for the Tourism Authority, Stewart Street, near Centennial Park, owned by Ira and Buzz Anderson and another next to the Ormsby Public Library, owned by Dick Graves.

10 Years Ago

PRIVATE family services for second family generation Carson City native Earl Richards, who worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 38 years, retiring in 1972. He married his wife, surviving in 1937 here, Francci Chenoweth.

Bill Dolan, a Carson City resident, has been writing this column for the Nevada Appeal since 1947.


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