Third arrest in Vallejo baby kidnapping

SAN FRANCISCO -- DNA tests proved Monday that a six-year-old boy found living in Vallejo last week is the victim of a 1996 kidnapping that occurred just two miles from the home where the youngster has been living ever since, police said.

Tests proved that the boy is Le-Zhan Williams, who was abducted as a baby after his mother was killed and her house was set on fire, Vallejo police announced.

Jessica Knox, the boy's godmother, said family members hope to be reunited with the youngster, but do not know when that would happen.

Patrick Duterte, director of Health and Social Services for Solano County, said he could not discuss the case specifically, but that in such a case such as this one, county officials would interview family members and place the boy in a situation "as positive for the child as possible."

Police also announced Monday that they have arrested a third person in connection with the kidnapping.

Ocianetta Williams, 23, was arrested late Sunday night at the Kaiser Permanente hospital in Vallejo and later booked into the Solano County jail in connection with the kidnapping of Le-Zhan and the slaying of his mother, said Police Lt. David Jackson.

Ocianetta Williams, who is not related to the boy, was being held without bail, Jackson said.

A woman who had been raising Le-Zhan as her own child, Latasha Brown, was arrested last week after a tip led police to the boy. Brown is being held without bail on suspicion of kidnapping the boy and killing his mother.

Brown's mother was also arrested and booked on suspicion of child concealment.

Police believe that Ocianetta Williams was "directly involved" with the kidnapping and slaying, Jackson said.

Williams lived in Vallejo at the time of the kidnapping and was a friend of Latasha Brown, police said.

Recently, Williams has been homeless, living in both Pittsburg and Vallejo, Jackson said. A warrant for her arrest was issued Saturday, but police did not find her until she went to the hospital to seek treatment for an unrelated illness.

Jackson said more people may be arrested for helping to conceal the boy for the last six years.

The boy's great-grandmother, Riva Lee Boyden, said the family is eagerly awaiting a reunion, but did not know when it might occur.

"It's been so long," Boyden said. "It's been a long road to travel."


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