Voter registrations increase after election

The number of Nevadans registered to vote has risen by nearly 14,000 since the close of registration for the November elections.

Now 883,545 voters are registered in the Silver State, compared to 869,801 who qualified by the Oct. 5 deadline to vote in this year's general elections.

The party with the most registered voters in the state are the Republicans with 368,365 -- 8,235 more than the 360,130 registered Democrats. But the swing vote is still solidly in the hands of those who didn't register with any party: the 128,605 nonpartisan voters.

Susan Bilyeu, deputy secretary of state for elections, said the next-largest party is the Independent American Party with 16,283 registered voters. After that, all of the remaining small parties have only 10,162 voters combined.

Clark County has 63.6 percent of the total registered voters -- which is low, considering Clark has nearly 70 percent of the state's population.

Only Clark, Mineral and White Pine counties have more Democrats registered than Republicans. In Clark County, the GOP trails by more than 33,000 in total registration.

Carson City has 11,841 registered Republicans versus. 8,019 Democrats. In Douglas, the ratio is better than 2 to 1 -- 13,598 Republicans versus 6,498 Democrats.

The ratio is also better than 2 to 1 for the GOP in Elko and Churchill counties.


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