Neighbors douse blaze, save house

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Neighbors came to the rescue at about 11 a.m. Saturday when a kitchen fire ignited the cabinets in a home on the corner of Carson City's Bonanza and Lango drives.

No one was home at the time of the blaze and there were no injuries, but the incident did produce some heroes.

Neighbor Holly Zimmerman, together with her son, Andrew, first noticed the blaze while preparing for a trip to Reno.

"I saw the flames, but at first it looked like it might be a barbecue fire," she said. "I jumped over the fence to take a better look, before I dialed 911."

About that time, neighbors Randy Travis and Cathy Morrow walked by. The flames began spreading quickly, according to Zimmerman, who told the pair she feared for the animals inside.

"We're animal lovers, so we jumped right in," Morrow said.

"The garden hose was right there, so I checked it for ice, kicked in the window and put the fire out," Travis said.

One frightened dog ran upstairs during the confusion, but no other animals seemed to be around, according to Travis.

Carson City Battalion Chief Stacey Giomi said two fire engines and a rescue vehicle responded to the blaze, which started when a burner on the stove ignited some plastic and other materials and that fire ignited the kitchen cabinets. The fire was out when officials arrived.

"They saved that kitchen, if not the whole house," Giomi said. "It was a great thing to do."


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