Sierra Pacific rate hikes

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With another hearing imminent in Sierra Pacific's continuing and endless requests for rate increases, it occurs to me that petitions and statements at public hearings have had little or no impact. The Public Utilities Commission justifies, as only they can, the increase, and we, the consumers, are hit again.

The only way to get the attention of the Public Utilities Commission is with individual letters of complaint, which must be responded to by the Commission. They must also comply with requests that the letters be read aloud at the public hearing. The letters should be directed to Don Soderberg, Chairman, Public Utilities Commission, 1150 East William, Carson City, NV 89701.

Also, we need to return to the days of 1982, when Dick Bryan, while running for governor, instituted a campaign against unwarranted rate increases. Anyone dissatisfied with the rates and/or requested increases was encouraged to honk when driving by the utility company office. Next time you drive by Sierra Pacific or Southwest Gas (we know their next request for a rate hike is on the horizon) display your satisfaction with a "honk." It changed the election in 1982.


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