Letter to Editor: 100 Room Ordinance

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In regard to the new city ordinance requiring future casinos to have 100 rooms, let me say that the supervisors who support this new ordinance have ignored property owners' "real property rights."

Owners of real property, present and future, have all the legal rights incident to ownership of property including rights of use, possession, encumbering and disposition. On top of that, they may exercise their rights at the time of their choosing.

Those rights, of course, are limited by the government's right of taxation (subject to the approval by the people), eminent domain (paying the owner for land taken) and police power (safety, health and general welfare of the public such as zoning and building codes).

This new ordinance does not propose any changes to the present zoning yet dictates future casinos or any type of gaming operation to have 100 hotel rooms, thus the taking of the land. The board of supervisors were informed of this fact by a well known real property appraiser but his advice was ignored.

This new ordinance is without substance, violates real property rights, is regressive, favors special interests (I got mine) and inhibits economic growth.

This is an election year. Those supervisors who ignore the voice of the people and cater to special interests must be voted out of office. Keep in mind that an ordinance approved by one board of supervisor may be rescinded by the next.


Carson City


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