Letter to editor: Experiences in the life of a cabdriver

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The following were portrayed to me as unusual highlights in the life of a cab driver:

1. These two women, whose weight is about 250 to 300 pounds, invariably call the cab office every day at the same time, placing an order. The order consists of three double cheeseburgers with a large order of French fries. The cab driver picks up the order, usually the same fast food establishment, and delivers it to their apartment.

Despite the high fat content, there is some merit in being consistent with a high protein diet.

2. This individual calls the cab office every day at the same time to have a fifth of gin delivered to his apartment.

Apparently the statement issued by the law "Don't drink and drive," is taken very seriously.

3. At his usual call station to receive calls, the cab driver observed a man depositing a brown lunch bag into a street trash can. It was the same man, at the same time, for a week. He decided to investigate. Upon doing so, the bag contained a lunch his wife probably prepared which apparently he didn't like. This went on for years, to the benefit of the cab driver.

This is almost better than what the Israelites experienced in the desert near Mount Sinai for 40 years, "Manna from heaven."

4. He received a call to pick up a woman at a designated location and take her to the state penitentiary. She was a women of about 350 pounds. She filled the back seat. As they were were driving to the penitentiary, an "unusual odor" permeated the inside of the cab. He was debating whether he should return her to the point of origin or continue on to the penitentiary. The cab literally "stunk." He decided to continue on to the penitentiary.

This woman may have been investigated for plastic explosives at the gate.

5. He received a call to pick up a "gentleman" at a designated area. After telling the cab driver where he wanted to go for his first stop, a brothel, he stated he had $15,000 "cold cash"in his possession and would go to all of the casinos until it was spent.

Apparently for this gentleman, money comes easy, and conversely passes the same way.

The clientele of cab drives come from all walks of life. They run the socioeconomic gamut of our society. They possess personalities from the pleasant to the obnoxious. If a person wants to analyze humans, this is the job for him. There is never a dull moment except when waiting for a call.


Carson City


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