Letter to Editor: Kirkland

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Traveling through Elko recently on my way home, I stopped for lunch at a local restaurant. The local paper was available and there it was, another negative article about Richard Kirkland, Public Safety director, and his job performance.

Richard Kirkland has been receiving a lot of bad press in the Reno area, and now this negative press is spreading throughout the state. Even in Las Vegas, a number of articles have appeared questioning his performance and abilities.

It's about time to give him some good comments. First, Richard Kirkland has announced that the highway patrol needs shaking up and this was a good thing; second, to straighten out DMV and the long lines/computer problems, and this is good, except shortly after his appointment, he doesn't supervise DMV and the new DMV director seems to stay out of the news.

Third, a massive investigation to stop rumors about Kirkland and the suppression of news leaks is good because Kirkland is a sensitive person. Fourth, suspend the association president for challenging questionable orders and dealings that make Kirkland look bad in the media is also good. It is believed that this person is still on administrative leave and this is good as he needed an extended paid vacation.

It is also good to know that Kirkland and his friends are still drawing double salaries at the expense of the Nevada taxpayers and he has the governor and the executive branch to thank for that, which seem to be in his "back pocket."

Last, but not least, it is good that we do not damage Richard Kirkland's image as a professional administrator because he is a true public servant and only wanting to do the best job possible for our state as long as it benefits him personally.

It is hard to mention all the good Richard Kirkland has done for the state and the employees of the Public Safety Department. Long live Julius Caesar while at the helm of the Department of Public Safety and may there be no Brutus to bring him down. The governor should show some interest because a number of small "brush fires" are burning and Mr. Kirkland wants to start more.


Lake Tahoe


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