Letter to Editor: Sen. Reid

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One thing that can be said about you, Sen. Harry Reid, you are one hell of a politician, perched on top of Heavenly Ski Resort, Lake Tahoe and snow covered mountains in the background. What a picture! What a grandstand play!

While you had your steam up, you called President Bush a liar and said that he falsified a presidential campaign TV ad to gain votes, plus you tossed in a couple of political predictions.

I am sure the Nevada Appeal would have given you another column to continue your tyrannical remarks.

While you were running off at the mouth, why not blame President Bush for 9-11, the recession, layoffs and Enron?

The Department of Energy has studied the Yucca Mountain site for 15 years (at taxpayers' expense) of $8 billion and Bush has been president one year. I do not see any evidence of the rush of judgment.

Any damn fool knows there would be controversy over any area or state picked for this site. If you believe Clinton or Gore would have done otherwise, Mr. Reid, you also believe in fairies and fairy land.

Have you Nevada citizens noticed the rest of the state is mum regarding this issue? Nevada politicians do not really care if the site location is good or bad. They are only interested in protecting their political asses!

Reid stated, "This is not just Nevada's problem. It affects the whole country!" I do not hear the whole country -- I hear political campaigning from Nevada's politicians.




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