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Father-and-son Roger and Brian of South Lake Tahoe were enjoying an afternoon of shooting at the Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range, which they called one of the safest and most popular places in the area to shoot.

"We're out here for the first time," said Roger. "It's nice."

The range, available any day of the week, is off Flint Drive near the Carson City landfill.

"We wish we had a place like this up at the lake," Roger said. The two used to target practice by Indian Creek Reservoir near Markleeville but were pushed out by development.

"There are too many houses out there now," explained Roger, who like others interviewed at the range declined to give his last name.

The unstaffed Carson City facility east of town offers shooters several options. There is a covered 300-yard rifle range with 50-, 100-, 200- and 300-yard target banks and a long row of concrete shooting tables; a covered middle-distance range well suited for shotguns and handguns and a row of shorter individual handgun ranges divided by 10-foot banks of earth.

The area is maintained and cleaned by volunteers of the Carson Rifle and Pistol Club.

Brad, who drove down from Reno for a concealed weapons permit course offered by Nevada Firearms Training, brought out his AR-15 after class to sight in the scope.

"I just put this scope on," he explained. "Unfortunately, I don't get to shoot too often, but when I do I usually come here or to the Washoe County range."

Shooters pay to use the staffed Washoe range while the Carson range is free of charge. Range rules are clearly posted at the site.

Gene from Dayton brought his brother-in-law Pete from Ashland, Ore., out to fire a Russian M1944 Carbine he bought at Big 5 Sporting Goods.

"I like this rifle because it is so cheap to shoot," Gene said. "I had a tin of rounds sent down from Oregon a long time ago. It was only like $40 for 440 rounds. The tin's harder 'n hell to get into, though. I don't know how the Russians got into it. You got shot before you could get to your ammo," he said.

"That's why the Russians lost the war," laughed Pete.

Sam brought his son Ian to the range Thursday to practice safe use of a rifle.

"I working on my hunting safety certification," Ian said.

"He knows the basics, we're just out here making sure we keep a handle on it," Sam said. "This is a real nice facility."


Capitol City Gun Club

Contact: Ray Smith (775) 882-9904

Carson Rifle and Pistol Club

Contact: Ken Bobbitt, (775) 883-1348

Nevada Firearms Training

Call: 884-4867


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