Art on display at Carson High School

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For as long as Dan Stout, 17, can remember, he has been able to see art in the mundane.

"I just bring some creativity out of my mind," he said. "It's my own different style."

His preferred technique is to take a picture in a magazine, blow it up and replicate portions of it in watercolors.

Four of his paintings were displayed Wednesday in the annual Carson High School art show, which features work from all levels of students.

Enrique Cid, 16, began painting this year as a sophomore. His watercolor of a tree against the background of a lake is displayed.

"It feels good," he said. "People appreciate what you can do."

Considering the wide range of skill level, art teacher Sherry Caston was pleased with the display.

"I think it's one of the best shows we've had so far," she said. "The work displayed is very exceptional. But we have such talented students, it's easy."

Crystal Knight, 18, looked through the art show on display for just one day in Senator Square.

"I think they're all really good," she said. "It's pretty cool that we can actually see how students are expressing themselves."

And it may encourage others to express themselves similarly.

"It benefits the art students and it might interest others who haven't taken art," said art teacher Jane Oling-Greenard. "The kids love it."

Clinton Sisk, 15, was impressed by Vance Harper's drawing of a skier caught mid-air doing a tail-grab move.

"I'm a skier myself," Sisk said. "I like that they have the people's art up here so we can look at it. It's pretty nice."

Miranda Mahe, 16, especially liked a self-portrait done by Quade Reid.

"I think it's the expression on the person's face," she said. "It's really involved."

A special section was dedicated to the 9-11 terrorist attack, with images of the destruction created that day through the attack on New York City and the Pentagon.


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