Nevada AG issues brochure on rights of aliens arrested in U.S.

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The attorney general's Prosecution Advisory Council has issued a brochure laying out the rights of foreign citizens who are arrested in the U.S.

The brochure has been sent to all Nevada law enforcement agencies.

"One of the main goals of the Vienna Convention regarding consular notification and access was to better ensure that citizens arrested in a foreign country were afforded their right to notify their government representative of their arrest," said Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa.

She said the brochure is designed to make sure that Nevada law enforcement officials are aware of those rights when they take a foreign citizen into custody on any charge.

Notifying the defendant's consulate is designed to ensure that a foreign national receives a fair and speedy trial, visitation while in custody.

"With the silver state being a major tourist destination for many people from other nations, it is important that we afford all foreign guests the rights they are granted through consular notification," said Del Papa.


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