Donors come through for Yerington Boys & Girls Club

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A $10,000 phone call on Thursday ensured the Boys & Girls Club of Mason Valley will have $100,000 to help pay off the loan on their building.

Topaz Nugget Casino owner and former Lt. Gov. Bob Cashell's company, Cashell Properties, came through with the money that put the club over the top.

Site director Travis Crowder had applied for a grant from the Walker River Basin Communities Foundation, which would match up to $50,000 raised by the club.

Without any publicity, advertising or official requests by the club, it had received about $40,000 as of Wednesday. On Thursday afternoon, Maureen "Mo" Woolsey, director of the Reno Boys & Girls Club, called Crowder to say she had the other $10,000.

"It was through word of mouth and board member contacts that got us this far," said 28-year-old Crowder, sporting a huge smile.

Of the $40,000, there were donations from Peri and Sons Farms, the club's annual "giving campaign," Western Nevada Supply, private donations and the final $10,000 coming Thursday from Cashell Properties, which owns and operates the Topaz Nugget Casino and Alamo Truck Center.

"Rob Cashell manages the properties for the family and said the donation was made on behalf of Cashell Properties," said Woolsey.

The balance of the club's loan is about $265,000; the monthly payment is about $1,500. After the matched funds of $100,000 are applied to the principal of the loan, it will cut the monthly payment in half.

"The sooner we can get out from under our long-term debt, the better off we will be," Crowder said. "The interest alone is killing us.

"The money can be used on equipment and more programs for the kids. We recently added karate and gymnastics. We're utilizing this place like you would not believe. We've even added an adult basketball league."

Jim Sanford, president of the Walker River Basin Communities Foundation, said the foundation was formed to support projects in the Smith and Mason valleys.

"(The club operators) do a heck of a good job here -- our foundation wanted to support their efforts. We are made up of volunteers, too -- we have no paid personnel, which says a lot for our community."

"The Walker River Foundation has been incredible for us," Crowder said. "Every step of the way, without a doubt.

"And the community, they've been great every step of the way which proves the amount of support we get."

Board member Theresa Lupori said she was overwhelmed at how quickly the money came in.

"I was shocked we were able to raise so much so quickly," she said. "Especially in such a small town like this, to give as much as they have. This is a wonderful community."

Crowder said another local organization who has greatly helped the club is the Lions Club. The club recently donated $5,000 for a public address/intercom system.

"They have been longtime supporters of the club," said Crowder said. "Not only do they support our fund-raisers, but they contribute financially.

"We have to get rid of this long-term debt. Once we do, there's no stopping us."

Saturday's benefit concert featuring Lacy J. Dalton and cowboy poet Richard Elloyan raised about $6,000 for the club. It included a silent auction and dinner.

"It was a fun time," Crowder said. "Everybody had a good time. The Rotary cooked some great steaks, the Yerington Theatre for the Arts did the side dishes and salads and the FFA kids and parents did all the serving. They had everyone -- about 350 people -- served in about 20 minutes. It was great."


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