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Organizers of a Carson City health fair are aiming to ease men's anxiety when it comes to coughing for their doctor.

"Women are more prone to go to their health care provider for their yearly checkups," explained nursing student Steve Estipona. "Men have a fear that if something is wrong they won't be able to fix it -- it shouldn't be that way."

Estipona and six of his Orvis School of Nursing classmates from the University of Nevada, Reno are planning a men's health fair for Aug. 3 at the Capitol.

The fair will focus on health promotion and early prevention, presenting information on topics ranging from heart disease to prostate cancer to depression and sexual dysfunction.

"It started out as a project for a grade, but it's become more than just that," Estipona said. "It's getting out there and touching someone -- doing real nursing."

Estipona said men have traditionally served as providers and are reluctant to admit weakness, even when it comes to health issues.

But he hopes to change that perspective by adopting the slogan "Take it like a man," to encourage men to set aside fears of going to the doctor.

"The earlier you know about something, the more aggressive your treatment and prevention can be," he said. "If you wait, it just gets worse."

Although the fair will focus on men's health, Estipona hopes it will also encourage all people to be more aware.

"A lot of people probably don't even know their own blood pressure," he said. "This is the number one country for heart disease -- we want people to be aware of that."

Estipona is set to graduate in December as part of a pilot program to graduate nursing students more quickly to meet the national demand. Instead of taking four semesters of classes after general requirements, students in the accelerated program finish in three.

The students are also looking for businesses to set up booths at the fair. Those interested should call Estipona at 772-3364.


What: Men's Health and Family Fun Fair

When: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Aug. 3

Where: Capitol

To set up a booth call Steve Estipona at 772-3364.


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